Etched Glass

Euroglass set standards in etched & sand –carved glass when we opened our studio 25 years ago. We continue to do so today. This stunning art form using our unique techniques of acid etching and blasting to produce frosted, textured, deep carved and shaded designs is truly spectacular. Intricate details, depth of cut and shadow effects & colours are all brought into play by our skilled artisans. Designs are a collaborative effort combining our creative knowledge and expertise with yours.
So the next time you look for table tops, dividers, doors, windows, skylight, railings, shutters, partitions, mementoes or a work of art – look no further.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is beautiful way to express beauty in glass. With the magical play of light and colour, stained glass panels are never static – animated as they are by changing light. To stand in front of a leaded stained glass panel is a magical experience.
Our goal at Euroglass has always been to go beyond the average to deliver an individual creation that makes a dramatic statement to enhance each home or office or showroom. We understand the emotion of colour and collaborate with you to produce stunning visual effects.

Kiln Formed Glass

Feeling adventurous or want to be avant-grade. Our kiln – formed glasses are the answer. Subtle or bold or for anything in between we have scores of designs with a quality dramatic enough to serve as a focal point.
Your doors, partitions, shutters, table tops, dividers, name boards & signages can all come straight out of our kilns. Want your kiln – fired panels bent? We can do that too. If you are looking for home decor items like platters, plates, wall – hangings etc. we have offerings from our kiln

Decorative mirrors

Let your mirrors mirror our creativity. There is a wide array to choose from. Elegant etched & stained border designs, crystal embellished mirrors, mirrors framed with stained glass, laminated design mirrors, venetian mirrors, grooved mirrors & mosaic mirrors, — to name just a few. Mirrors cut in non traditional shapes are exciting. All without compromising on functionality.

Laminated Glass

With safety & security becoming increasingly important , laminated glass provides just the right solution. The interlayer in between glasses not only ensures security but also holds the glass pieces together when shattered. Laminated tempered glass provides even greater strength & resistance. Sound control and ultra – violet screening are additional features of laminated glass
Need art in your laminated glass ? Our technology makes it possible. We offer a broad selection of materials like paper, polyester, holographic films & metal foils for lamination – a happy blend of aesthetics & security. Laminated glass finds application in wardrobes, partition, mirrors, railings, doors etc.

Stacked Glass

A very popular product that involves stacking strips of glass one upon another to create partition walls, niches, door cut – outs and the like. The edges of the glass strips are finished by various techniques of chipping, polishing or rounding to suit your preference.


Any pattern can be designed by engraving a groove in the surface of the glass. V-Groove can be used on its own or in combination with other techniques and can be applied to both glass and mirrors.
Polished, unpolished, straight, curved, patterned, silhouetted – are just a few examples of what Euroglass can do for you

Cluster bevels

A technique of embossing edge – bevelled pieces of glass. Alpha-numeric for your signboards and name plates. Corners and borders for your glass shutters and mirrors. Animal & bird clusters if that is your fancy. Floral clusters that are so enchanting . We customise to fulfil your needs.
Bevels clusters can be used in doors, living , crockery & kitchen shutters, partitions & mirrors.
The slanted edges of bevels refract light in myriad colours

Glass Mosaic

A wonderful art of creating images with an assembly of pieces of coloured glass and other materials. Light catching and striking mosaic designs transform your benches, table tops and plain mirrors into works of art. Mosaic backsplash is a great idea to add colour to your kitchen. Check it out.

Fused Glass

A very contemporary and constantly evolving art that our kilns produce using multiple layers of glass. Fused glass wall art, tiles, coasters and platters are possessions you would prize. With slumped fused glass we create larger functional pieces like dishes, bowls, plates and draped forms

Laquered Glass

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